How do I know my size?
All you have to do is prepare a tape measure, record your body measurements (chest circumference, waist circumference) and compare them to our measurement chart included in the product, and you will easily determine your appropriate size!
What if I receive the wrong size?
If you receive the size and are not comfortable in it for any reason, we will provide you with an exchange service for another size. Please keep the product unused in its original condition and contact us to register your exchange request.
What fabrics are used?
At Smash, we design and manufacture our models for different purposes. 1- Exercise clothes for use inside the club: For this purpose, we use quick-drying and cool sports materials treated against unpleasant odors to help you in a fantastic training session, in appearance, performance and comfort! 2- Rest day clothes: Rest day clothes are designed for your lively, sporty and elegant appearance outside the club, and for this purpose we use the finest comfortable cotton materials. You can find a description of the material for each product separately in the product description on our website.
What is the country of origin?
Smash designs were designed in Egypt, and proudly manufactured in Egypt.
Developed by: Hesham Saad